Minggu, 20 Februari 2011

Gadis Desa Bispak

Gadis Desa Bispak dysmenorrhea. Normal adult women who are not pregnant and definitely experience menstruation as a regular cycle of approximately every month. The distance between menstruation and normal menstrual duration varies in every woman. During menstruation, there are other things that arise that menstrual pain, although not all women will experience menstrual pain. Menstrual pain may also vary its strength in every woman, sometimes casual, sometimes to interfere with the activity or not unbearable so need to take pain-reducing medication. Menstrual pain, which is medically known as dysmenorrhea, which usually appears just before menstruation begins or at the beginning of menstruation usually is normal, so there is no any abnormalities found if checked. Normal menstrual pain is usually caused by uterine contractions during menstruation. However, sometimes painful menstruation is also caused by some diseases, such as endometriosis, infection of the birth / pelvis, or cysts in the ovary. If the examination your doctor finds any of these diseases, consult what treatment can be done to treat the pain.

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