Minggu, 20 Februari 2011

Gadis Berbikini

Gadis Berbikini stay Healthy Working in the Night. Because of the demands of competition or the demands of work, many people now have to work at night in various professions. From start to security personnel, health workers, until the merchant. Whether it's all working time is always done at night or sometimes get a night shift. Working at night, have many differences with the work in the daytime. Body less able to adjust to working nights and sleeping during the day. One example is feeling tired at work at night is relatively higher than working during the day. Rest / sleep during the day can not equal quality sleep at night because of the large disturbance in the afternoon. Working at night also increases the risk of decline in the immune system and causes high blood pressure, obesity, peptic ulcers, and heart problems. In addition, gastrointestinal work less efficiently if a lot of eating at night is often done by those who work at night.

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