Senin, 21 Maret 2011

Gadis ABG Cantik

Gadis ABG Cantik. Sign the check with the use of a marker ink. Apply a pencil on it to bring us to a large stock fraud. Lead or removable toner can only activate individual cheats to change the quantity is written on the check. It is important to use ink to prevent people from manipulating a blank check that we have. This is particularly important to emphasize, given that there are instances where "check washing"made by some individuals. That's when the law-breakers to use the substance to remove the writings on check just to change it. One can prevent this incident occurred by using permanent ink. This fact is really important in the form of special payment is the dollar amount written on it. One is obliged to enter a value in two places. First, write the number in the quantity of dollars. This section is called "Dollars" and can be viewed below is "Pay to the order line. " therefore we must be careful

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