Senin, 21 Februari 2011

Gadis Arab

Gadis Arab Dry your hair? Use coconut oil!
With hair dried diverse cultures, our country has a traditional recipe that does not crack eaten time benefits. Still remember when the old lady who is very diligent to make rice flour to smooth the face, chewing betel leaf to strengthen teeth, even using coconut oil for hair grow thicker? Since the first oil well known for its ability to restore the luster of hair is often damaged by sunlight, pollution, use of hair dye, often medical or other hair products. Tempted by the benefits of coconut oil, Jungle Products, a company in California, the United States that sell processed from coconuts and even contracted a coconut plantation in the South Pacific to take advantage of the oil into the hair tonic. Coconut oil has long been used by indigenous peoples for the skin especially for hair treatment.

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